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What makes Cannabis Safety Systems so simple? We take care of all the hosting and end-user support, which frees up your time and money to focus on other things. No need to hire or train IT staff in the technical aspects of a learning management system. CSS takes care that for you, so you can take care of your staff and your business.


Dreading the thought of manually inputting student information, client records, and other important training information into your learning management system? No need! Cannabis Safety Systems can do the heavy lifting



Because there are times when a little tweak can make all the difference.
CSS was designed to be flexible, and to support customization of all levels of architecture: data, layout and workflow.

Premium Support

We are a customer service based business. Maximize the value of your CSS System with a premium support package. With each package, you get premier support features including a dedicated technical client consultant and professional service hours you can use to customize your site the way you want it. CSS's support packages are ideal for clients who require additional assistance, technical support, or expedited attention.


Creating New Cannabis Industry Standards

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Cloud Based Training

Increased Security | 24/7 Access, Mobile Ready | 100% Data Ownership

Compliance Focused

State Compliant Videos | Standardized Testing | Seed to Sale Training | Easy Data Access | Admin Tools

Employee Specific

Advanced Reports | Detailed Training Analysis | Easy to Use.

Industry Created

Developed by the industry | For the industry | Perfect for Producers | Great for Retailers

Ask us about free compliance assessments


We can customize a system for you today.

Ask us about our stand-alone, cloud-based Cannabis Learning Management Systems. Let's build one for you today.


"Our production facility runs so much smoother now that we a standard training program"

~ Sally O | Kennenwick, Wa